It's the marriage of violent sunrise and the insatiable fixation of a planet in orbit.

Samson Wrote is Sam Boer, an unorthodox multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter from Guelph, Ontario. He performs acoustic-based experimental folk-rock that swings from quiet confidences to full-bodied roars. During a live performance, the whole family’s onstage: guitar, synthesizer, snare drum, glockenspiel, recorders of all shapes and sizes–yet it all remains grounded by Sam’s voice. Thought-provoking lyrics, precise guitar arrangements, and looped harmonies centre these songs and give audiences something to talk about long after the show has ended.


Listeners and concertgoers have described Samson Wrote as “gruff yet life-affirming”, “bold and passionate”, “playful” and “energetic”, with “honest, vivid lyrics that pour out of every inch of his body”.  His latest original EP Crossed Legs, was released in January 2016, and he has released two christmas albums for some reason: O Christmas Beet and Joy To The Squirrels (samsonwrote.bandcamp.com).


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