20 // Madeleine Roger and Logan McKillop Applaud Equality and Sobriety

MADELEINE ROGER and LOGAN MCKILLOP stop by for an afternoon chat in Guelph, taking a break from their extensive touring to drink some tea and debrief. These two beams of light discuss the majesty of Manitoba wilderness, touring with an abundance of waffles, and debating guitar panning choices with your family at the dinner table. We listen to Madeleine Roger’s “60 Years More” (off her record Cottonwood, out now) and Logan McKillop’s “Mother’s Love” (off his forthcoming record Anchorless). We learn how catching frogs is really a bad idea, touring with a kayak is crazy but wonderful, and the distinction between being lonely and being alone. Check out Madeleine and Logan’s websites for all the good info: madeleineroger.com / loganmckillop.com.

Sam Boer